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We are ready to offer you  a wide range of goods for rent in MOSCOW.

We understand that having a baby means a lot staff to buy. First you need different things and second, you will buy it for the shot period. Some of this staff you have to throw or try to resell just after few months of using.

We are ready to help you with this issue and very happy to offer you a wide range of such things for short or long period.

There are

- Car seats;

- Baby Weighing Scale;

- Pushchairs;

- The cradle;

- Travel Cot;

- Breast pumps;

- Bath Dresser;

- Highchairs;

- Baby swing;

- Roof Boxes;

- Infant carrier.

You can take any of this for rent a  low prices. As longer the rent period as less you pay. You have to leave the deposit that’s depends of the item.

All equipment that we offer are from the market leaders. We guarantee the quality and comfort of using it.

Action: When renting a 2-goods, from April 15 for a period of 1 month or longer you leave a deposit only one item (highest costs), the second you get only the cost of rent. Not valid on new products.

The minimum period of rent is  7 days. The maximum period is from 90 days till 180 and depends of the item’s category.

Please be aware that  you pay less  for the long period of rent and more for the short.

If you click at the description of each item you can find more information about the conditions of the rent and prices.
Registration process is quite simple. You will be asked :

1) Identity document (passport) .

2 ) payment of the leased goods for a certain period of time (from 7 to 180 days) .

3) a deposit of 14 % of the total value of the goods (the deposit is returned in full, after the return of the goods , the value of collateral depends on the duration of the lease).

4) to sign a lease (2 copies, one is you).

5) sign the acceptance certificate (2 copies, one is you).

Important! 1) All equipment that we provide for rent  fully dry cleaned and is in perfect condition . 2) We guarantee than your personal data will not fall into the hands of third parties.

In anticipation of the holiday season LLC «MOVEKI24»  decided to simplify your task as by meeting relatives and friends with children at the airports of Moscow, as well as for sending your family with a child on vacation.
We can draw directly to the airport you like goods, pre-packaged specifically for its transportation. When booking seats we gladly install it in your car.

We remind you that the service is available 24 hours!

The service costs 1000 rubles.

We accept VISA & MasterCard.


В нашем интернет-магазине вы найдете множество полезных товаров для своего малыша. Так же мы оказываем услуги по прокату детского оборудования для новорожденных.
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